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Explora Patagonia: Nature, Wildlife and Adventure.

  • Sea kayak in Puerto Madryn

    Day 2: Puerto Madryn

    Sea Kayak, we will meet with sea lions in Puerto Madryn
  • Isla Pinguino Navigation in Puerto Deseado

    Day 5: Puerto Deseado

    Isla Pinguino Oceanic Navigation. ligthhouse, Macarroni penguins and grey cormoran.
  • Buenos Aires biking city tour

    Day 13: Buenos Aires

    Biking Tour in Buenos Aires, to explore the heart of the big city
  • El Chalten, trekking to Cerro Torre base camp, Poincenot, fitz roy, capry lagoon,

    Day 12: El Chalten

    Clasics Trekkings in El Chalten
  • Peninsula Valdes Whale Watching from boat

    Day 3: Puerto Madryn

    Watch Whales in Peninsula Valdes.
  • Puerto Madryn Sea lions in Punta Loma Sea lions roquery

    Day 2: Puerto Madryn

    Sea Kayak to Whatch Sea lion whatch in Punta loma.
  • Puerto Madryn penguins in Punta Tombo colony reservation

    Puerto Madryn

    Mega Penguins colony in Puerto Madryn.
  • Puerto Madryn diving with sea lions or Snorqueling with sea lions

    Day 2: Puerto Madryn

    Diving or snorkeling whit sea lions. Option for people with brevete.
  • Puerto Madryn Diving discovery

    Day 2: Puerto Madryn

    Diving Discovery in Puerto Madryn. Experimented divers, have the option to change for Diving with Sea lions.
  • Puerto Deseado safary Nautico. Half day sea mammals and sea birds observation tour

    Day 6: Puerto Deseado

    Nautic Safary in Ria Deseado, is a half day sea birds and sea mammal observation tour.
  • El Chalten Viedma Glacier Ice Walking

    Day 11: El Chalten

    Viedma Glacier ice walking.
  • El Calafate, Perito Moreno Glacier Navigation, during our Perito Moreno Glacier Non Conventional Tour

    Day 10: El Calafate

    Navigation in fron of the Perito Moreno Glacier, during our non conventional Perito Moreno Glacier Tour.
  • Perito Moreno non conventional tour.

    Day 10: El Calafate

    Perito Moreno Non Conventional Tour. Include Navigation in front of the glacier and some hikins in non public sites.
  • Hands Cave Cueva de las Manos

    Day 8: Hands Cave

    Exploration in the Hands Cave archeological Site. One of the icons of Deep Patagonia
  • Bosque Petrificado, Petrifiest Forrest National Park

    Day 7: Petrifiest Forest

    In the middle of the desert, this national park is an icon of Deep Patagonia. Unforguetable.
  • Doradillo Beach Whale Watching from the beach

    Day 3: Puerto Madryn

    Whale watching from the beach in Doradillo Beach. Impressive.
    • 14 day exploring all south patagonia, from Puerto Madryn to El Calafate (Puerto Deseado, El chalten, Petrifiest Forrest, Hands Cave, Perito Moreno Glacier), with the best outdoors activities: Diving, Ice Trekking, Navigation, Explorations, Sea Kayak, Hikings, and more.
    • Central Idea of this trip, is take contact with the landscape and wildlife of Patagonia (Penguins, Whales, Grey Cormorans, Sea Lions, more.
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Explora Tierra del Fuego & Darwin Range.

    • 12 days exploring the heart of the last Ice Frontier of America: Cordillera Darwin.
    • Start and finsh in Punta Arenas, camp for 10 nights in the darwin range, and have the oportunity to climb and explore the more beautifull and missing secret place of Tierra del Fuego.
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This is the best selection of Nature, Wildlife, Remote places, and unforgetable experience.

Discover and Enjoy with Us.

Adventure & Discovery serie

Glaciar Grey

Glaciar Grey

The trips are low to medium technical and physical difficulty, but active. They may include camping, and walking with personal equipment.

They are active trips with mixed navigation (a sail or motor), trekking and climbing. They have difficulty in the land, and they are subject to change weather or field conditions.

This series has three scenic trips and experiential strong content:

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