Tierra del Fuego (& Ushuaia)

Ciudad de Ushuaia al Atardecer

Ushuaia al Atardecer

Cartel Ushuaia al Mundo

Ushuaia is the Southermost City in the World. Because of its location near South Pole, the city has got aproximately eighteen hoursof light during the Summer, while in Winter, there is only seven hours of daylight.

In Yamana language, ‘Ushuaia‘ means ‘ tbay looking West‘.

Being located on shore of extensive Beagle Channel, this beautiful city offers unique landscapes, in which  predominate forrest, mountains, sea, glaciers and the wind.

The city is surrounded on West by Martial Mounts and on East by Olivia and Cinco Hermanos.

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Mapa General de Localizacion

In Ushuaia is posible to practice trekking, horseriding, mountain bike, fishing and spectacular tours by ship on Beagle Channel and Lapataia Bay in Tierra del Fuego National Park. In Winter, Cerro Castor is the Winter Ski Resort where, besides to practice skiing, it is also possible dog sledding on the snow.

Ushuaia, for many people, is the end of the world. To us, it´s the beginning of everything.

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