Explore Tierra del Fuego & Darwin Range (12 days)


Central area of Darwin Range, are highest and the most remote of Tierra del Fuego. Mount Darwin, Marinelly Glacier, and Mount Shipton have a fantastic history. Nobody are really sure where they are. We will be part of the history of this part of the world…

  • We are going to one of the more remote and highest areas in the Darwin Range, to explore, climb and walk on millennia glaciers.
  • We plane to pass 8 days in land, with an open plan.
  • Our idea include multiple possibilities, from explore and climb some easy mounts, to climb some big one, like Mount Shipton, the highest peak of Darwin Range.
  • Depending of the weather, mountain conditions and the group interest, we will climb and walk in this remote area.

Trip day to Day:

  • Day 1: Arriving to Punta Arenas – Transfer to hotel – Dinner and Briefing about trip.
  • Day 2: Boarding in our boat, and navigate to Base Camp in Brooks Bay. BLD
  • Day 3 to 10: From our base camp, we will climb and explore all the area. BLD
    • Day 3: We will aproach to camp 1, carrying all our luggage for 8 days.
    • Day 4: Move all the equipment to the camp 1
    • Day 5: Explore and climb one mountain to have a nice view of the landscape.
    • Day 6, 7, 8: Explore and Climb one of the importants peaks.
    • Day 9: Reserved for bad weather.
    • Day 10: Descend to the base camp.
  • Day 11: Our boat come back for us, to go back to Punta Arenas. Nigth in hotel. BLD
  • Day 12: Breakfast and Transfer to Airport. B.

Download the overview of this trip:

Trip in Brief:

  • Start Finish: Punta Arenas / Punta Arenas
  • Dates:
  • Regular Rates:
    • US$2500.-
    • Single Suplement: U$200.- (Only Hotel in Punta Arenas)
  • Individual / Private Rates from:
    • US$4500.- base 2/3 paxs.-
    • US$3650.- base 4/5 paxs.-
    • US$3000.- Base 6/7 paxs.-
    • US$2600.- Base 8 and more.-
  • Regular Rates are per person in US$ Dollars, based on twin occupancy.
  • Private departures are subjet to disponibility
  • Activities:
    • Navigation, Trekking, Mountainnering
  • Dificulty:
    • Demanding
  • Modality:
    • Autonomy
    • (you need to carry all your personal and technical equipment, and part of the group equipment)


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35 – Cordillera Darwin con Desafio Extremo
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