Antarctic Cruise

Highlights: Conquering the Drake Passage, encountering amazing polar wildlife and immense icebergs, exploring the South Shetland Islands, reaching the Antarctic Peninsula.

Like the ‘Antarctica Classic’, this 9 to 13 day expedition will introduce you to the magic of the South Shetland Islands and the Antarctic Peninsula to explore its majesty. Part of the reward of arriving in Antarctica is the challenge of negotiating the Drake Passage and our best cruices will bring you there safely. Encounter leopard seals lazing on ice floes and immense rookeries of penguins surrounded by towering glaciers. The expert guides and lecturers offer knowledge and insights that really bring the nature and history of the region to life and serve to create an adventure of a lifetime.
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Destiny: Antarctic Peninsula, South Shetland Islands, South Georgias and Malvinas.  Boarding and  disembarkation  Harbor: Ushuaia, Argentina.
Activity: Boat cruise, whith landings,  wildlife sighting and readings about the nature of the area.
Duration: from 10 nights / 11 days.
Kind of tour: Scheduled Departure Dates
Included Services: Navegation, all meals on board, guides, board readings.
Equipment that the passenger must bring: Waterproof clothe, outerwear, gloves, hat and sunglasses.
Last minute Fares: They are available from 10 days before the  ship departure.

Departure dates available Summer 2011-12: clik here

For last minute fares, visit this page.


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Photo Gallery of this tour:

36 – Antarctica con Antarctic Dream
al the this photos are copyrigth of dragos bratasanu, a very famous photographer, on board of Antarctic Dream in November of 2009.-
148 photos

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