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Compañía de Guías de Patagonia is a Travel Agency that specializes in mountain, nature & adventure tours in Patagonia, since 1997.

  • Antarctica Expedition, Antarctica Sailboat, Antarctica Cruice, Last Minute Fare, Antarctica


    The visit of the last continent is from Ushuaia. There are diferents ways to go. With a Last Minute Fare Cruice, With a sailboat, or with our Mountaineering Antarctica Expedition. No matter what you choose, will be unforgettable
  • Trekking Tours in Tierra del Fuego and Patagonia

    Trekking trips

    We offer the more exiting trekking trips. We are experts mountain guides. We can enjoy with you the secrets of Patagonia and Tierra del Fuego. We organize Trekking trips for one day explorations, to 15 days along all the territory.
  • Fly fishing

    The bigest brownies are in Tierra del Fuego. The best fishing at the end of the world. We invite you to enjoy the lonely landscape, to walk and fish. Living a wonderfull experience, in peace with the nature. Explore Our programs.
  • Mountain Bike in Ushuaia, Single Track in Tierra del Fuego

    Mountain Biking Trips

    We love Mountain Biking in Lonely single tracks. We invite you to live and share experiences in Incredible Itineraries. There are nice Single Tracks and roads, from one to seven day. We will provide the best logistic support. Explore them with us.
  • Mountainneering in Patagonia, Mountianneering in Tierra del Fuego, Mountainnering in Antarctica


    We are experts mountain guides, and offer you the posibilitie to explore remote areas, and climb wonderfull and missing mountains, in the south of Patagonia, and Antarctica.
  • Patagonia, Excursions, Tailor Made Trips,

    Patagonia Excursions and Tailor Made Trips

    We can organize an amazing Tailor Made Trip. We prepare an unique catalog, with the best and more exiting option to know the secrets of patagonia. Explore our specific web site about patagonia nature excursions...
  • Cerro Torre y Laguna Torre

    Patagonia Nature & Adventure

    This classic 14 days trip, along the more impresive aspects of patagonia, introduce to the nature of this wondefull land, by the hand of outdoors activities. We will be in contact with the autentic and deep patagonia.
  • Classic Excursions in Ushuaia

    Ushuaia offer a variety of nature classic excursions. Tierra del Fuego National Park, Beagle Channel Navigation, o Lakes Fagnano and Escondido are the more classical. You can explore the best selection prepared by us, and choice between classical tours, or Soft Adventure.
  • Esqui, Nieve, Invierno, Excursiones de Invierno, Snow programs, Ski programs, Ushuaia, Cerro Castor

    Invierno: Esqui y Excursiones

    Los mejores programas de Esqui en Ushuaia y Cerro Castor los organiza Compañía de Guias. Proponemos la mejor seleccion de Programas de esquí todo incluido, y las mas impresionantes excursiones en la nieve.

We create exciting and active programs, where the most important is the life experience. We design services to create a unique experience, with emotional strenght and a  personal contact with nature and culture.

Summer. ——————————————————————————-

South Summer 2018-19 NEW´s

Foto Presentation Hike Bike and Raft in UshuaiaWinter going and Ushuaia forests have lifts again!, and we start to enjoy the best trekkings and adventure tour!. This year, we have a lot of new oportunities. We are starting with new itineraries in:

  • Trekking, See
  • Mountain Bike, See
  • Sea Kayak, See
  • and a huge combination of hike and Fly Fishing, See
Antarctica. ———————————————————————-

Antarctica Season 2018/2019

antarctica expedition, antarctica cruice,

The 2018/19 antarctica Season is coming soon!
Last minute Fares will be from U$6000.-

The best offers and deals are available from november!.

We will public here ourbest deals for this amazing destination….

We are specialists in Adventure
Tourism, Trekking Tours, Sea Kayak tours, Fly Fishing trips, Mountain Biking, Antarctica tours and expeditions, Nature tours and excursions, and Mountainering.

Compania de Guias is an Adventure travel young company located in Ushuaia, Patagonia Argentina.

We offer the best last minutes fares to Antactica, Cape Horn Navigation and Patagonia trips

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